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S T O S S Books
Picture of DNA which is Salt and Dust in the Bible

Salt, Dust, Light, and Water in the Bible

Study of Salt, Dust, Water, & Light in Bible

S T O S S Books

The Study of Salt, Dust, Water, and Light in the Bible

S T O S S Books
Studying Salt, Dust, Water, and Light in the Bible
S T O S S Books

Studying Salt, Dust, Water, & Light in Scripture

S T O S S Books

Studying Salt, Dust, Water & Light in Scripture

S T O S S Books

Salt, Dust, Water & Light in Scripture

Salt, Dust, Water & Light in Scripture

What is salt, dust, and stone in the Bible
In Scripture, DNA is both dust and salt
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Stephen Michael Leininger is the author of two books

Stephen Michael Leininger Biography

Stephen Michael Leininger has spent the majority of his adult life working in management positions within companies operating in a variety of industries. As vice-president of Sales and Marketing, he helped to build the sales of an entrepreneurial medical device manufacturing laboratory. Within a five-year period, that company's sales went from $75k per year to $1.5 million per year. This was accomplished despite a very small marketing budget. This company was the very first to design and go online with a CAD/CAM system that automated, what was, a very labor-intensive process involving over 65 steps. To complicate the process, every product made was custom. Every device was different from any other device that had been, or would ever be, made.

About twenty years ago, Leininger found himself increasingly dissatisfied with the work he was doing, and disillusioned with the corporate life in general. So he choose to undertake a drastic career change. He relates how this turned out to be a Godsend. His relationship with God and His Church improved markedly. Furthermore, he insists that STOSS would never have been written if he had not left his old occupation.

Leininger has spent the last fifteen years researching and studying the Bible and science. Being a "big picture" person, he was driven to discover the big picture of God's creation. How does Scripture help us to understand Scripture; how does science help us to understand both God and his creation…especially man. The two must be compatible. After all, God created that which scientists love to explore. He began to write a book that had a focus very different from the one he eventually wrote.

During his extensive research, each new discovery contributed to the big picture that was forming in his mind. At one point he received a flash of insight that changed the entire focus of the book he was writing. So profound was this discovery, he relates how he let out an audible groan when he realized that salt is the answer; understanding its meaning unlocks the door to many mysteries hidden in Scripture (he now has listed at least 34 mysteries of cutting-edge science). Suddenly, the big picture had just gotten a lot bigger. At the time, he didn't even fully comprehend how dramatically "salt" would change the direction his book was taking. He describes how a fire was ignited in his heart. Slowly but surely, pieces of the puzzle began to fall into place. As the puzzle became nearer and nearer to completion, he began to see ever more clearly the big picture. Proceeding on, an overwhelming sense of awe enveloped him.

As he began to see the beauty, intricacy, and wisdom of God's creation and His plans for those He loves infinitely. He realized that the Bible is like an ocean; one can stand on the shore looking out and see what seems to be a limitless expanse of water. What we are not seeing, however, is the great depths that exist beneath the surface. The words of Scripture are not two-dimensional; they are, in a sense, three-dimensional, containing great depths of Truth for us to explore.

The result of all this is a two-volume set of The Science & Theology of Salt in Scripture. At STOSS Books, it is our hope that you, too, will discover the great depths of knowledge that can be gained by reading his book. Leininger is a duly instituted acolyte of the Catholic Church. He spends much of his time traveling around the country.

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